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Available in two different versions (LS and GS), with cab or suspended platform and front roll-bar, the new SAME Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive range provides operators with a first in the specialised tractor market – adaptive hydro-pneumatic front suspension with independent arms. This streamlined yet robust structure is based on a pair of hydraulic cylinders, 3 nitrogen accumulators and several electronic sensors which ensure active control of the front wheels, allowing independent vertical oscillation of each of these, for ride comfort and driving stability both on road and in the field which is simply unrivalled in its class. In practice, this benefit was hitherto only obtainable on advanced, high-power models. Furthermore, the new front axle gives the machine a turning circle of just 3 metres, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability in the headlands, as well as improved machine safety and productivity.


SAME expands its range with the Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive, equipped with independent front suspension.

The new adaptive hydro-pneumatic front suspension with independent arms characterises the new SAME Frutteto ActiveDrive, lending this machine advanced dynamic operation capacity, ensuring a level of driving comfort and stability both on road and in the field that to date has only been feasible with much higher-power tractors. The advanced electronic speed management system, the positioning of the suspension and the steering angle, which relies on a pair of hydraulic cylinders and 3 nitrogen accumulators, allows for optimal balance to be maintained at all times, regardless of the load on the front of the machine. The control software also offers two additional functions, to improve the active safety of the machine: The “anti-dive” function prevents the front end of the tractor from dropping too far during braking, while the “anti-roll” function automatically adjusts the rigidity of the system, in order to optimise stability and adherence to the driving surface. Two different working profiles can be set: the “field” profile increases ground clearance whilst optimising the absorption of low-frequency vibrations, while with the “transport” profile, the front axle is lowered, increasing the rigidity of the suspension’s response to knocks and bumps.


Powerful, compact and reliable. Designed specifically to meet each and every specialised farming need.

With an optimised engine capacity of 962 cm³, available in 3 and 4-cylinder versions with a power of up to 115 hp, the hyper-modern FARMotion engines render the SAME Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive tractors the most powerful in their class at the current time. The more compact 3-cylinder version enhances the manoeuvrability of the machine, which the high-performance 4-cylinder versions maximises traction. Compliance with Stage 3B (Tier 4 Interim) standards on gaseous emissions is ensured by the single oxidising catalytic converter for diesel engines (DOC), which does not require maintenance or additional fuel injection for periodic regeneration. The electronically-controlled Common Rail fuel injection system has brought a number of key benefits in terms of torque delivery and power, simultaneously reducing consumption of diesel. The most suitable engine speed for a given type of work can be memorised, and is then kept at a constant level even as the tractor load varies, offering precise and consistent operation and efficiency under all conditions.


Modular, efficient and highly configurable. The best in the sector.

Characterised by optimal flexibility and superb efficiency, the Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive gearboxes are the fruit of SAME’s broad and extensive experience in the specialised tractor sector. Extraordinary scope for configuration: the base set-up, which features 3 gears and 5 speed ranges (plus super-creeper), can be supplemented with 3 powershift speeds and an electro-hydraulic under-load reverse shuttle. Accordingly, the combinations range from simple 30+15 speed manual gearboxes, to transmissions with 45+45 gear powershifts and electro-hydraulic reverse shuttles. The latter also comes with “Stop&Go” functionality, which increases the potential of the shuttle, above all in situations in which the tractor must remain stationary, when attaching equipment, or during uphill starts. Furthermore, the Powershift renders gear changes extremely simple, as the need to press the traditional clutch pedal is replaced by the Comfort Clutch (or “clutch button” ), which is located on the gear lever itself. The Fruttetto S/V ActiveDrive gearboxes are also equipped with the latest version of the Overspeed, allowing operators to travel at 40 km/h whilst maintaining an even lower, more economical engine speed.


A comprehensive, effective and reliable range of options.

The hydraulic system is based on a 33+25 l/min double tandem pump, allowing the operator to choose from a range of options in accordance with working requirements. This ensures maximum versatility, both with regard to the number of distributors and the location of these: up to three at the rear, with a total of 6 couplers and flow regulator, while the centre of the tractor can be equipped with up to 4 belly couplers duplicating those at the rear, or 6 additional couplers (2 electro-hydraulic distributors plus one duplicate distributor) with separate flow control, controlled by the joystick. The rear linkage boasts a capacity of up to 2600 kg, and is also available in an electronically-controlled version; a 1500 kg front lift can also be provided on request, in combination with the 1000 rpm front PTO. The rear PTO (with multiplate wet clutch) can operate at all four of the speeds typical of speciality tractors, namely 540/1000/540 ECO and synchronised, the latter of which is optional on the PTO. The product offering is completed by the electro-hydraulic control function which governs the rear lift stabilisers and tie-rod.


Unrivalled comfort in a specialised tractor with cutting-edge design. You absolutely have to try it!

The new elements of this SAME design are immediately noticeable. The fully-redesigned hood and nose are the successful result of a design project which led to the creation of a fresh aesthetic identity for the new Frutteto ActiveDrive. The structure remains slim and compact, with no sharp edges or corners on the hood or roof, ensuring safe, easy passage even between the most narrowly-spaced rows, without damaging the crop. This attention to detail also extends to the cab trim, with soundproofing and vibration damping materials used for unparalleled comfort. With just 4 pillars in the cab, the new SAME Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive range has been hailed as a benchmark in the specialised tractor category. All of the controls have been very carefully positioned, taking the most advanced principles of ergonomics into account, and are differentiated according the clear ‘Color Line’ logic. The optimal weight distribution, a superb compromise between low centre of gravity and high ground clearance (which is fully adjustable, courtesy of the semi-active suspension), and the disc brakes fitted to all 4 wheels immediately convey a superior sense of safety, stability and total vehicle control while driving. Cab versions of the Frutteto S/V ActiveDrive range come equipped with a powerful air-conditioning system; furthermore, for optimum safety during phytosanitary crop treatment, a pair of activated carbon filters can be installed on request; these are easily removable for quick and simple maintenance. An air suspension seat and Hi-Fi audio system are also available as optional extras. All in all, everything you need to make working in the tractor more comfortable! The versions with folding front roll-bar also come equipped with suspended platform.


80 90 90.4 100 105 115
Engine type FARMotion
Cylinders/Capacity 3/2887 no./cc 3/2887 no./cc 4/3849 no./cc 3/2887 no./cc 4/3849 no./cc 4/3849 no./cc
Injection Turbo Intercooler
Power at rated speed 55,4/75 kW/HP 61,5/83 kW/HP 61,8/84 kW/HP 67/91 kW/HP 71,5/97 kW/HP 79/107 kW/HP
Rated speed 2200 rpm
Engine speed at maximum power 80:1500 rpm; 90-90.4-100-105-115:1600 rpm
Maximum torque 342 Nm 354 Nm 354 Nm 369 Nm 408 Nm 435 Nm
Fuel tank capacity 35 L. (with front lift + PTO/Active Drive)
Shuttle Mechanical Synchronised / Hydraulic PowerShuttle with Stop&Go system
N° of speeds 30 + 15 with underdrive and supercreeper gear (Mechanical gear) / 45 + 45 with underdrive and supercreeper gear (Powershift gear)
Braking action on all 4 wheels STD
Parking brake Independent
Trailer brake STD
Hydrostatic power steering with independent pump 26/45 L./min
Steering angle 60° (4WD)
Rear lift Mechanical (std) / Electronic (opt)
Rear lift capacity 2600 kg
Pump delivery 54 (standard); 38+25 L/min (optional)
Hydraulic distributors 6 ways
Front lift Optional
Front lift capacity 1500 kg
Speed 540/540ECO (std) / 540/540ECO/1000 (opt) / 540/540ECO and Ground PTO (opt)
PTO engage Electrohydraulically engaged
Cab Suspended on silent-block mounts
Air conditioning Optional
Rear tyres S: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20 S: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20 S: 380/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20 “ S: 360/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20″ “S: 420/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20” “S: 420/70 R24; V: 380/70 R20”
Weight S:2688-3020 V:2709-2950 S:2688-3020 V:2709-2950 S:2808-3140 V:2829-3070 S:2688-3020 V:2709-2950 S:2808-3140 V:2829-3070 S:2808-3140 V:2829-3070
Width min.-max. S:1366-1367 mm; V:1290-1293 mm
Length 3289 mm 3289 mm 3289 mm 3959 mm 3959 mm 3959 mm
Cab height S: 2296 mm; V:2271 S: 2296 mm; V:2271 mm S: 2296 mm; V:2271 mm S: 2321 mm; V:2271 mm S: 2346 mm; V:2271 mm S: 2346 mm; V:2271 mm