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Trimmers And Pruners

Trimmers And Pruners


A new trimmer simple and double with stainless steel rotating knife on VISION frame to high visibility.

Vision Pruning machines are characterized by a better front visibility and a better performing inclination of vertical bars which makes them suitable for use in the hills. The model Vision 2 has got the ability to adjust hydraulically the vertical bars at different heights to perfectly match the needs of plants situated in soils with side slopes. Standard machines are equipped with hydraulic distributor or with joystick on / off (depends on model) and side displacement is always on bearings and therefore very durable and solid. The available cutting systems are: double blade CRL with double blade – tooth movement that allows to perfectly cut off the shoots also thicker without compromising the speed of work, and CRV with stainless steel rotating knives with cutting performance up to 15km / h with low maintenance.

Rinieri DRF De-Leafer

Double roller leaf remover for an effective and safety operation in vineyards.

The new double barrel leaf remover DRF is the answer to the needs of the modern vineyards. The machine removes the leaves from the grape zone, that increases maturation and aeration reducing spraying chemicals. The machine consists in two opposite rollers, one with holes and the other with rubber, which allow a perfect and safe removal of the leaves without damaging the grapes thanks also to the stainless protection shield steel which follows the vines wall. Aspiration is provided by a fan equipped with hydraulic motor. The DRF can be mounted on B1 standard frame or turning frame which allows to defoliate only the side not exposed to the sun without losing any time for the ride back.