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Soil Tillers

Soil Tillers

Rinieri ARP Soil Aerator

The Rinieri ARP Subsoiler is for vineyards to break up the ground forcefully in depth.

Thanks to the particular curvature of its tines, the subsoiler for vineyards is able to till and lift the soil forcefully and in depth, breaking up the hardpans resulting from previous processing (e.g. milling), soil packing due to wheel traffic and natural soil compaction.

This type of tilling has three main advantages: breaking up the hardpans resulting from previous processing (e.g. tilling), de-compacting the ground especially in the case of tractor wheel traces and increasing draining capacity of the soil. It is possible to is possible to add a cage or full rear roller to the machine which ensures constant working depth.

Data sheet

ARP 130 170 60-80 360 30-45