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Pellenc Batteries

Pellenc Batteries

Ultra lithium battery (ULiB)

10 years of technological expertise

The range of PELLENC ULiB batteries enables professional use of our tools. ULiB batteries allow the user to do a full day’s work without having to recharge. PELLENC is the inventor of professional battery operated tools.





* Cost of charging according to kW pricing in France.
**  Consumption of 1.1 gal of fuel-oil per day at a price of 1.50 euros per litre. Data calculated for daily use of the ULiB 700 battery.

Ultra-high capacity

Batteries that are smarter and communicate

The range of PELLENC batteries boasts 10 years of experience in lithium-ion technology. As the world’s first manufacturer to introduce this technology in professional hand-held power tools, PELLENC now develops batteries that communicate and are intelligent.


NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless communication technologies facilitate the reception of data during diagnostics, allowing the battery expert to work even faster.

They have a survival instinct

They guarantee the balance and individual protection of each of its cells to prolong its life. The charge periods are optimised whatever the remaining capacity in the battery may be (no memory effect).

They cause no pollution

The batteries are guaranteed emissions-free. They store electrical power for communities, landscapers, farmers, and tourist complexes. They do not generate any annoying noises or odours and are environmentally-friendly.

They manage their charge and discharge time

Li-ion batteries lose their capacity when stored for prolonged periods fully loaded. PELLENC batteries maintain their full load for 10 days and then discharge themselves to an optimum storage load.

They recognise pellenc tools

PELLENC tools send PELLENC batteries their operating information for continuously optimised use.
The batteries are adaptable to all tools of the range.

Ultra-high capacity

PELLENC ultra-high capacity batteries have the best weight/energy ratio !

The 1100 Ultra Lithium Battery develops 245 Wh for 1 kg of Li-ion. PELLENC is the world’s first manufacturer to use the revolutionary lithium-ion ternary technology (Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium).
To generate the same amount of energy, a nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) battery would weigh 10.73 lbs, a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery would weigh 7.67 lbs, a lithium iron phosphate battery (technology used for electric vehicles) would weigh 5.36 lbs and a lithium-ion manganese battery (technology used for hand-held power tools used by the public) would weigh 5.2 lbs!

Record battery life

ULiB batteries allow you to work from a half to a full day. The power delivered is always constant regardless of the level of energy. All PELLENC batteries have a display showing the remaining battery life percentage

PELLENC electronically-controlled lithium-ion battery

Control of the lithium-ion battery cells is fully ensured by an electronic board. The battery temperature is controlled during charging. If it is too low or too high, the battery automatically switches to safety mode.

Technical specifications

ULIB 150 P 250 400 700 1100 POLY 5
Weight (without harness) – lbs 0,850 less than 3,75 7,05 10,8 6,1 7,5
Weight (with harness) – lbs*** 8,37 12,56 14,77
Type Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion Li-Po
Voltage – V 43,2 43,2 43,2 43,2 43,2 44,4
Capacity – Ah 3 5,8 9 17,4 23,2 10,6
Stored energy – Wh 130 250 389 752 1003 500
Maximum power – W 1730 1730 2000 2000 2000 2000
Average life – Cycles* 800 1000 800 to1200 800 to1200 800 to1200 1200 to 1500
Charge time – h 8 5 5 9 12 8
Carrying harness
1.2 A charger
2.2 A charger
Compatible with Quick Charger** yes yes yes
Compatible with SOLERION yes yes yes yes yes yes

* A cycle is a full battery charge and full discharge.
** The Quick Charger is available as an option.
*** Weight of harness between 200 gr and 950 gr.