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Pellenc Vineyard Equipment

Pellenc Vineyard Equipment

Pellenc – still leading the way

Technology, respect for the environment and development are Pellenc’s values. The research and development, which Pellenc has used to its advantage for many years, has again allowed us to offer you products better suited to your day-to-day work, which has become increasingly demanding, in the fields of vine growing and olive growing and in the winery.

This corporate strategy, which the company has always orchestrated, has so far enabled 508 patents to be filed in the “agriculture” division alone. This approach has once again been lauded by the profession with the award of a silver medal for the olive harvester, and two mentions in the Sitevi innovation awards for Multiviti and Selectiv’ Winery Process L. By putting your trust in Pellenc, you are therefore guaranteed the best tools available now and in the future.

Now with over 750 employees, the Pellenc group exerts its influence worldwide through more than 800 approved points of sale, with a consolidated turnover of €115 million in 2010. Their production capacity has increased with six industrial sites around the world – five in Europe and one in Asia. The head office is still based in Vaucluse, France, with two production sites in Spain, one in Italy, one in Slovakia and one in China.

These factories make products for the Group’s eleven subsidiaries (in Europe as well as in America, Asia and the Mediterranean), and for the thirty or so countries where Pellenc products are also available.

These new production sites meet eco-construction standards. Logistics have been optimised to reduce impact on the environment and biodiversity is better protected thanks to more effective waste management. Pellenc is also committed to a strong environmental policy by advocating the use of naturally ecological products, which significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution, particularly with its range of lithium-ion batteries.