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Maxwald Cable Winches

Maxwald Cable Winches

Maxwald is the primary contact when it comes to cable winches and forestry equipment.

Based on decades of years of national and international experience as the leading specialist in forestry and rescue operations this innovative company offers high – grade quality products – Made in Austria.

Having undergone thousands of tests in the whole world and with over fifty years of experience in machine construction we are acknowledged by national and international safety standards warranting optimum quality and safety. Experts in production and a well – trained sales team guarantee best advice and optimal service.

Through an innovative approach to problem solutions, which is based on the company’s expediency and technical knowhow, Maxwald is committed to continue to provide these quality services in the future.

Maxwald Products Include:

Agriculture and Forest Technology:

Technology for Rescue operation and maintenance works:

Furthermore, Maxwald consider themselves to be individual problem solvers. Contact us, and we will offer customised solutions!

If you want to know more about Maxwald and wish to receive additional information on our products, or if you like to find out about the regional sales representative in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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