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The DUALSTEER tractors have in common the basic “fundamentals” of the ‘AR’ and ‘RS’ versions of the VEGA tractors. This choice results in an avant-garde solution with a ‘brand new steering system’, the features of which tangibly improve the performances of these vehicles, making them practical to use even in precarious conditions where being able to move easily in narrow spaces is the only way to be able to work. All the traditional Isodiametrical versions of the tractors of the FERRARI Group currently on the market are characterised by ‘turning’ radiuses that are difficult to find in other competing vehicles. Reduced wheel bases and the use of hydraulic clutches which allow containing the overhanging part of the engine, in addition to other interesting solutions aimed at reducing dimensions without altering the performance, remain intrinsic “virtues” in these tractors.

The DUALSTEER tractors ‘go further’: the double steering system highlights the qualities of safety and stability in the version with steering wheels with the performances in curves and the manoeuvrability of the version with a central articulation. This solution produces tractors which have a turning radius of only 2200 mm with a steering angle of 70°, obtained with a vehicle which has a gauge which is far greater than those of tractors with a central articulation, further reinforcing the outstanding performances. Thanks to the features of the DUALSTEER tractors, they can be successfully used in vineyards, orchards and greenhouses but without overlooking garden and park maintenance or work in public areas, where being able to move in narrow spaces is of fundamental importance to operate in the best way possible.


The new gears are integrated with an integral oscillating OS-Frame (oneshaft frame) which guarantees maximum performance and maximum stability for the vehicle, especially on uneven ground. The typology of our transmission allows adopting a single transmission shaft and a single homokinetic coupling, owing to the independent PTO, instead of the two of competition.

  1. High oil flow rate to numerous distributors with oversize hydraulic pumps which guarantee high pressures: ideal for using combined equipment and therefore cutting costs and processing times.
  2. High power: because the performances are all to the advantage of the reduction of costs.
  3. Cofortable cabs characterized by excellent ergonomics and visibility – as many people spend all day in them.
  4. Optional electric console: many avoid it but once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to live without it.
  5. Maximum towing capacity: because one more trip costs time, money and work.
  6. Integral oscillating OS-FRAME which guarantees maximum mechanical performance and maximum stability, especially on uneven ground.
  7. Service brakes on 4 wheels, with multiple discs in oil bath and hydrostatic control.
  8. Steering radius limited to only 2200 mm.
  9. Disconnection of the front wheel drive to be able to tow loads quickly and easily.
  10. Certifications: VEGA tractors are certified as both agricultural machinery and “industrial operators”.