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Vega RS

Vega RS

A great project, to be a successful project, must envisage the largest number of possible solutions: therefore, for the Ferrari Vega series we developed five different versions, each of which designed to meet the different requirements our customers spur us to satisfy every day.

The Ferrari Vega RS, with steering wheels, is the traditional version of the Vega series suitable for the widest variety of uses. Thanks to their qualities the Ferrari Vega RS tractors are ideal for the wine- growing and fruit-growing sectors: the compact overall dimensions, the high power and, as for the other Vega isodiametric tractors, the correct weight distribution on the axles with the machine under a working load, make these tractors unbeatable in vineyards and orchards.

The gear ratios, always progressive and without overlaps, the OS-Frame transmissions and the hard double circuit hydraulics with independent pumps and a heat exchanger guarantee the best performance among the specialized tractors.