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Vega MT

Vega MT

A great project, to be a successful project, must envisage the largest number of possible solutions: therefore, for the Ferrari Vega series we developed five different versions, each of which designed to meet the different requirements our customers spur us to satisfy every day.

The Ferrari Vega MT is the version of the steering wheels tractor for cutting fodder, a machine which must be powerful, reliable and safe for the particular use, especially in sloping zones.

The tractor has a very low centre of gravity to guarantee the maximum stability on slopes and the rational flow of cut fodder under the machine, without compromising ground clearance.

The Ferrari Vega MT serial tractors are set up with post rops and with the Self Cleaning System®, the innovative system with a double fan that keeps the radiator and air suction grilles clean, thus protecting the cooling system from dust and debris produced while cutting and processing the fodder.
The Dual Floating System®, which assists the rear lift and lets the equipment float in a harmonious way on the ground, for optimal use, makes the Ferrari Vega MT essential machines in haymaking works.