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Vega DS

Vega DS

A great project, to be a successful project, must envisage the largest number of possible solutions: therefore, for the Ferrari Vega series we developed five different versions, each of which designed to meet the different requirements our customers spur us to satisfy every day.

The Ferrari Vega Dualsteer is the version which combines the basic elements of the tractor using a central articulation with those of a steering wheel tractor: the result is a product that guarantees the maximum performance and manoeuvrability in any field of use.

The double steering system of the Ferrari Vega Dualsteer® is an exclusive system on Ferrari tractors and guarantees a truly unique performance which is impossible to find in other machines of this kind: in fact you can turn the machine with steering angles of 70° and a turning circle of just over two metres, to move around easily even in very restricted spaces.

The Ferrari Vega Dualsteer® system also optimises the trim of the machines making them particularly stable and capable of delivering the highest performance on slopes. Finally, this system also guarantees excellent performance in green areas, as well as in specialised cultivations.