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Thor AR

Thor AR

Before designing a new model Ferrari always carefully study the needs and desires of their customers. They look after their safety and have the environment surrounding them at heart. Our company’s aim is to put the abilities and ideas of our entire team to the test in order to supply products and services characterised by superior standards of quality at the right price so as to fully satisfy our customers.

All of this ensures that our tractors are provided with performances at the top of their category, along with excellent levels of productivity and low operating costs.

The Ferrari Thor range of tractors are isodiametric drive tractors made in the ‘AR’ central articulation, ‘RS’ and ‘FR’ steering wheels versions.

Compact and easy to handle with exclusive features, they have been studied in detail for specific use in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses or, in general, for specialised crops.

Their excellent weight to power ratio and extraordinary features of manoeuvrability, consumption savings and simple maintenance are what distinguish their value.

HIGH POWER because high performance means low cost.

TRANSMISSION WITH AN OS-FRAME, which features one propeller shaft and one central articulation, giving the vehicle maximum mechanical efficiency and maximum stability especially on difficult terrain. The system lets the forecarriage oscillate more than the rear axle by more than 15° and vice versa.

A PERFECT DISTRIBUTION OF THE WEIGHTS optimises the vehicle’s performance and traction in its working set-up, with the tool mounted on the rear lifting device, in all types of use.

HIGH OIL FLOW RATE to numerous distributors with oversize hydraulic pumps which guarantee high pressures: ideal for using combined equipment and therefore cutting costs and processing times.

SHORT WHEELBASE LIMITED contenuto to 1450 mm – one of the best of the category – so it easily moves in all crops and on any type of terrain easily.

OUTSTANDING DRIVING COMFORT because many “spend the day” on a tractor

CERTIFICATIONS THOR tractors are certified as both agricultural machinery and “industrial operators”.