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Cobram AR

Cobram AR

The Ferrari Cobram 40 and 50 are tractors with equal size wheels available in articulated “AR” and rigid “RS” (front wheel steering) versions. Compact, with a low profile, the Ferrari Cobram tractors have been designed specifically for use in vineyards, orchards, greenhouse’s or, in general, for particular crops where other tractors are too large or too heavy.

They are equally adapted for maintenance work in cities and green areas. The optimal steering radius, the four wheel drive and the ideal weight distribution let you work safely and efficiently in difficult terrain.

The comfortable driving position, the ergonomically positioned controls and the practical, easy to read instruments let you work without fatigue.

Your safety and comfort are guaranteed

Our tractors are tested by independent authorities to assure that they are safe. And to minimize driver stress we make them easy to operate and comfortable.

Ferrari is actively working to protect our environment in many ways. They use recyclable materials where possible and modern, environmentally friendly production methods.

The tractors are designed to reduce noise pollution and are equipped with emission controlled engines that reduce the irritating smoke and toxic exhaust emissions.
Protective roll bar and cabins
The protective roll bar of the COBRAM tractors is approved according to the stringent European norms. It can be easily folded down to allow the tractors to work under low plants.

Four (4) post safety frame (R.O.P.S.) with roof and front/rear windows is available for the tractors with front wheel steering.
The tractors can be fitted with full cabins with rounded corners and flat surfaces, which prevent damage to the plants in restricted spaces. The cabins are mounted on silent blocks and are available with a variety of options to assure comfortable operating conditions in all kinds of weather.

Optimal driving position

The Ferrari Cobram range of tractors are available in mono-directional and reversible versions where the driving position (seat, steering wheel, and dashboard) can be reversed in 5 seconds. The Ferrari Cobram tractors are designed and built to give the operator the best in terms of comfort.

The controls are ergonomically positioned and the driver’s seat and steering column can be adjusted to suit the operator.

The swinging chassis

The short wheelbase and tight turning radius make the vehicle extremely maneuverable.

The ideal weight distribution provides maximum traction on all types of ground. The central pivot allows the front end of the tractor to swing more than 15° in relation to the rear end so that the tractor can follow the irregularities of the ground with maximum stability and traction.