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Caroni Mow & Carry

Caroni Mow & Carry

Double Productivity

One machine does it all! Mow & Carry is the mower that cuts, sucks up, gathers and dumps grass directly in the trailer of a vehicle. Compact and light, fast and safe with any tractor, Mow & Carry doubles productivity while halving time and costs.

Cut and Collect in a single pass

While it mows, the Caroni Mow & Carry machine sucks up and gathers the grass in a container fitted on top of the mower: all with a single machine and in a single pass. A suction turbine system on the side outlet of the machine, which is driven by the shaft of one of the blades, coveys the cut grass into the collecting container which then dumps the grass in the trailer of a vehicle.

Handy Dumping System

When the container is full, simply operate the hydraulic distributor of the tractor to dump the grass directly in the trailer of a vehicle or on the disposal site. The container is lifted, moved and tipped thanks to a lever-system mechanism operated by three synchronized hydraulic cylinders. The container is dumped 140/180 cm from ground level.

Halved time and costs

By combining cutting and gathering operations, Mow & Carry doubles cutting speed, effectively halving labour costs and saving on the purchase of machinery. In addition, fuel consumption is lowered because there is a step less and because of the contained weight of the mower. Naturally, lower fuel consumption also means lower polluting emissions.

Safety and Lightness go hand in hand

The TR150-600L and TR180-750L mowers only weigh 380 and 420 kg, respectively. The light plastic grass container maximizes manoeuvrability and visibility from the tractor. Particular attention was paid to the setup during dumping to guarantee the perfect stability of the tractor.

Revolutionizing traditional strengths

With its revolutionary design, Mow & Carry also offers all the advantages of Caroni’s traditional quality. Particularly suitable for large and medium surfaces – sports fields, parks, golf courses, etc. – it can be fitted onto any tractor with a simple fastening operation. A clean cut is assured by the 150 or 180 cm long mower, which is equipped with three blades with a vertical shaft and side dumping.

Four swivel wheels with a rear adjustable roller make progress on a grassy area easy and light. To adjust the cutting height, simply move the spacers mounted on the fork shaft; the third “floating” point and the lower tractor fastening points, which were designed to allow an oscillation of 45° at most, enable the machine to follow the contour of the ground perfectly.