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The New Ferrari Cobram… Power, Performance and Economy

The New Ferrari Cobram… Power, Performance and Economy

A project followed by a team of competent and determined engineers. Hundreds of hours of research and development under the protection of a well defined plan – the launch of a new specialist tractor.

The new Ferrari Cobram is now available in a range of three models with two engine sizes of 49HP and 58HP exclusively from Lamberhurst Engineering.

Like all products that boast the Ferrari trademark, the new Cobram range also stands out thanks to its quality and high level performance. The new models have been designed to add concrete value to the investment: lower fuel consumption, greater performance and wider usability of the machines. The principle that inspired the project was that of creating tractors that produce the most favourable working conditions and offer their owners more competitive financial management.

The attention to Ferrari’s customer’s needs was the focal point for the development of the new Cobram range. During this task, it was of fundamental importance keeping the best features that marked the first Cobram range, it is thanks to this approach that resource were dedicated to perfecting those aspects that are considered to be subject to improvement, according to the indications of their customers, while maintaining those well known qualities that have always distinguished these machines.

So, a new range of tractors has been created, with high performance engines and gearboxes that are suitable for the new powers, increase in reliability, functionality, performance and improvement in driving conditions.

The new range of Ferrari Cobrams is on sale in the UK exclusively from Lamberhurst Engineering.