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Pellenc is proud to announce its very latest tool, electronic pruning shears known as LiXion. In so doing, Pellenc has scored a world first: invention of a new technology enabling the use of lithium-ion batteries as the power supply for power tools, resulting in the registration of two patents.

In its concern for preservation of the environment, Pellenc uses non-polluting batteries, which are free from heavy metals, recyclable and immune from memory effect. LiXion is 30% more powerful and faster, lighter (the battery weighs 1.1 kg and the pruning shears alone weigh 787 g) ; it has greater pruning capacity (up to 30 mm diameter) ; is compact and ergonomic (dimensions : 38 mm diameter by 197 mm long). LiXion provides a permanent indication of the battery charge state, similar to the fuel gauge in motor vehicles or the bricks on mobile telephones.

Numerous tests conducted world-wide, during the last two pruning seasons, demonstrated that LiXion can be used for two days without recharging.

Based on that experience, Pellenc guarantees a day’s pruning for all future LiXion users.